“JAC” is the alias for Artist Josue Abraham Cornejo, originally from Mexico City. The artist has resided most of his life in Los Angeles, California but is currently living in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. JAC has work hanging all over Mexico. His art style is influenced by urban art, glamour and current events with spray paints, cutouts from the streets of major cities with a mixed media style and acrylic on canvas. Josue’s work can be seen in galleries around San Pedro but is now focusing on unique personalized paintings and digital art. Some notable clients are Guillermo Ochoa, Diego Armando Maradona, Gibran Lajud, Gabriel Soto. JAC never went to art school and created his own style of art through trial and error with multiple mediums. He is inspired by GOATS like Kobe Bryant, Kurt Cobain, Frida Kahlo, and Vincent van Gogh. He has collaborated with Galleries like m.a.d.s.artgallery in Italy, Van Gogh Art Gallery in Spain, Nike, Alpino Chipinque,  m.a.d.s.artgallery in Milan and much more…